Prebytky/ Offsprings October-December 2021

Prebytky z môjho chovu na Október-December 2020/ My offsprings for November 2021, feel free to write me

Feel free to conctact me 🙂 


Ants/ Formicoidea
-Formica rufibarbis- Q+1W

Formica rufibarbis


Cockroaches/ Blattodea
-Hormetica sp. Colombia – RARE!
-Therea bernhardti (India- Thiruvannamalai)

Hormetica sp. Colombia, female on right


Beetles/ Coleoptera
-Smaragdesthes/ Chlorocala africana oertzeni – larvae

-Carabus elysii xiagoanicus (China) – just on request for Nov/December 2021


Carabus elysii xiaoganicus (China)


Termites/ Isoptera
-Kalotermes flavicollis – royal pair from 2021 captive nauptials with first eggs
-Neotermes sp. (Jamaica) – colony with secondary reproductives, in observatory tube, ideal and big species (majors up to 13mm)


Kalotermes flavicollis pair with eggs, in observatory wood


Neotermes castaneus in observatory test tube

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